Darrin King was born in Mississippi and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, where he began his lifelong quest to appreciate and understand seemingly incongruous mysteries of reality (e.g., by always asking that childhood question, "why?").  He earned an International Baccalaureate diploma from St. Petersburg High School in 1989, then double-majored in English literature and philosophy at USF.  He began his master's in literature in 1993 but was sidelined with a tenacious chronic illness; however, those years outside of the classroom were honed by editing two science journals for the university, which reinvigorated his love of learning. After his health issues were resolved, he shifted his upper-level studies to focus on education and earned a Master of Arts in Teaching in 2010 prior to supplementing its pedagogical theories and methods with further English coursework, beginning with an eye-opening cognitive science and literature course.  He enjoys learning about interdisciplinary, macro-level connections in higher education (e.g., how people learn, how art and literature affect the mind, the roles of cognitive science, and new branches of philosophy such as phenomenology, which deals with consciousness and the nature of experience).  

Professor King's presentation "Unifying Potential of Higher Education"  is on Tuesday, September 25 at 2:10 pm in A-240 on the East Campus.